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About Us

From 2005 to this day. 16 years of experience. We are only working on pulse induction system detectors. We are assertive in this field and produce the best detectors in the world.

All Pimax products are produced as durable, precise and ergonomic. We achieve this only thanks to our engineers and professional staff specialized in metal detection systems. We know what you want. Whether you're looking for gold shards or becoming a treasure hunter. Surface or deep targets do not matter. Pimax metal detectors are always with you.

User feedback is very valuable to us. We listen to you and follow your needs. We develop our products in this direction.

Before our detectors are offered for sale, they are tested many times by experts under real field conditions.

We take our strength from technology. We trust our production and R&D technologies. We are constantly working for new ideas and new technologies with our professional R&D team.

Pimax Detector will continue to serve you, our valuable users, with the aim of always being the "Best" by combining the principles of customer satisfaction, honesty, quality and reasonable price with R&D studies.


OUR STORY - Past, Present and Future

PMX Gold Revolution / 2019

Pimax PMX Gold Pulse System Metal Detector

With its many new and advanced features, it has managed to attract the attention of the whole world in a short time. (2020)
PMX Gold is on sale. (June 2019)
R&D studies have started for PMX Gold. (2016)

Pulse Detector meets Android / 2015

Pimax 3 Android Metal Detector

We brought together the Pulse system detector and Android software for the first time in the world.
Pimax 3 is on sale. (2015)

Pimax 2  / 2013

Pimax 2 Pulse Metal Detector

Strong demand from West Asian countries for Pimax 2. (2013)
Pimax 2 is on sale. (2013)

The First Detector with the Pimax Label / 2010

Pimax First Metal Detector

We produced the first Pimax Metal Detector. (2010)
We started to sell in Turkey. (2010)

Establishment / 2005

We produced Pulse system detectors for special orders. (2005)
We entered the sector with the Pimax brand. (2005)
We started to work on metal detectors working with Pulse Induction system. (2003)




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